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Copper clad aluminum tube for RF cable


Shanghai Metal Corporation is one of the main suppliers of  Copper clad aluminum tube for RF cable in Shanghai. we can supply all the prime quality Copper clad aluminum tube for RF cable to meet your request. With strong emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, Shanghai Metal Corporation has become one of the most reliable sources of quality Copper clad aluminum tube for RF cable products  in the international market.

Bi-metal tube is the newly developed products after Aluminum Clad Copper tube, its process is similar to Aluminum Clad Copper tube, called Copper Clad Aluminum tube with copper outside and
aluminum inside, the outside is oxygen free copper C11000, and the inside is AA 3003, realizing atom key combination between copper and aluminum.
The cable has the same performance by using Bi-metal tube comparing to using copper tube.

Inner conductor use Bi-metal tube in coaxial RF cable detail and products size, photos

Mechanical performance and configuration:
1, Bi-metal tube’s tensile is 150 ~ 190 MPa, elongation is 35% ~ 40%.
2, Bi-metal is integrated material, copper and aluminum can’t be separated, and it can be bended, expanded, and flared like copper tube.
3, The weight rate of copper and aluminum in cross section is 60/40, density is 4.3, tube OD and wall thickness are same as copper tube, the length can reach 1500m.

Testing report of RF cable which use the Bi-metal tube.

According to the signal attenuation and RL testing, its performance index is not lower than copper tube, meet the needs of related standard.

Length 38.5m 390m  
Frequency dB/100m dB/100m Requirement
10 0.356 0.359 0.366
100 1.01 1.179 1.19
150 1.44 1.453 1.47
200 1.7 1.691 1.72
450 2.38 2.606 2.65
800 3.48 3.568 3.63
900 3.87 3.809  
1000 3.88 4.041 4.12
1500 5.06 5.076 5.18
1800 5.54 5.645 5.75
2000 5.92 5.996 6.11
2200 6.37 6.343 6.46
3000 7.45 7.592 7.76
3400 8.04 8.172 8.37
4000 9.14 9.005 9.23

Other character:
1,Comparing to copper tube, using Bi-metal tube can save about 30% ~ 40% purchasing cost.
2,XINGRONG has patent on the Bi-metal tube, till now only SHANGHAI METAL and its authorized party can produce it.

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