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Steps of making colloidal copper


1.    Fill the glass container with distilled water.

2     Attach one end of each of the copper electrodes to the red and green/black color-coded clamps or outlets, respectively, on the colloidal silver generator. Even though most colloid generators are intended to be used with silver, they work just as well with copper electrodes.

3     Place the other end of the electrodes in the water. The electrodes should be upright, parallel and about two inches apart. Put the generator's stirrer in the water if it has one.

4     Turn on the generator. Allow it to run a couple hours longer than its instructions recommend for creating colloidal silver in the quantity of water you are using---copper can be a little slower.

5     Turn off the generator and remove the electrodes. Store the colloidal copper in your dark-tinted or non-transparent container, in a cool but nonrefrigerated place.


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