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How to use copper pots


When we first use copper pot, please clean it with detergent. As there is a layer of tinning inside the pot, so do not clean it with rigid cloth, we had better clean it with soft sponge.
1 As copper products are easily chaging colour, so as to prevent copper product from changing colour, every product will plate a transparent paint or glue film. When we first use copper pot, we should clean it.
2 Copper pot is mental, mental has thermal conduction, so we should prevent us from scalding.
3 Don’t put food in a copper pot for a long time, please divert these food to other contianer, in case giving rise to the appearance of verdigris.
4The way to clean the verdigris: using salt blending with vinegar, then clean copper pot with this liquid, verdigris will dis appear.

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